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Published on Wed, 28 Jun, 2017 New Initiative



1.            Industrial Estates: The Department is planning to set up Industrial Estates in 6 (six) districts of the State in addition to the existing 3 (three) Estates with the financial assistance of the  Ministry of MSME and the NEC.

1.1       Status on the Industrial Estate at Takyel of Imphal West District: Up-gradation of existing Industrial Estate at Takyelpat in Imphal West District has been completed with a total project cost of Rs. 1729.00 lakh. After up-gradation there are 52 numbers of work sheds in the Estate.

            Details of financial implication:

                        Share from MSME      :            791.20 Lakh

                        State share                  :            197.80 Lakh

                        Share from NEC          :           666.00 Lakh

                        State share                  :              74.00 Lakh

                        Total project cost      :           1729.00 lakh

1.2       Industrial Estate at Tera Urak, Bishnupur District: Construction of Industrial Estate at Tera Urak, Bishnupur District, having 27 Work sheds had been completed & formally inaugurated on 24/11/2021 with a total project cost of Rs. 2065.36 lakh.

            Details of financial implication:

            Share from MSME      :   689.88 Lakh

            State share                  :   172.48 Lakh

            Share from NEC          : 1083.00 Lakh

            State share                  :   120.00 Lakh

            Total project cost      : 2065.36 Lakh

1.3       Industrial Estate at Kuraopokpi, Thoubal District: Construction of Industrial Estate at Kuraopokpi, Thoubal, having 27 Work sheds had also been completed & inaugurated on 25/11/2021 with a total project cost of Rs. 2065.36 lakh. Financing pattern is given below:

Share from MSME      :   689.88 Lakh

            State share                  :   172.48 Lakh

            Share from NEC          : 1083.00 Lakh

            State share                  :   120.00 Lakh

            Total project cost      : 2065.36 Lakh

1.4       M/o. MSME has also approved construction of Industrial Estates at Churachandpur, Chandel and Ukhrul district at a cost of Rs. 949.19 lakh, Rs. 906.55 lakh and Rs. 949.19 lakh respectively. Central share of Rs.200.00 lakh each from MSME for Churachandpur, Ukhrul and Chandel had also been released. Construction work is going on.

1.5       In addition, land for the remaining districts of Imphal East, Tamenglong and Senapati had already been acquired and actions had been initiated for submission of separate proposals to M/o. MSME, Govt. of India and NEC respectively.

2.0       Incubation Centre: Out of 22 Livelihood Business Incubators (LBIs) sanctioned by Government of India under ASPIRE (A scheme for Promotion of Innovation, Rural Industries and Entrepreneurship)  scheme, the M/o MSME, Government of India has so far released fund amounting to Rs. 792.50 lakh for setting up of 9 LBIs in the(9) districts of the State.

3.0       Make in Manipur: Under the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the Govt. of India, the State Govt. has launched “Make in Manipur” on 26th November, 2015.  Objective of “Make in Manipur” initiative is to provide employment to unemployed youths of the State and generate additional income. It will primarily focus on micro and small enterprises based on products from agriculture, horticulture, forests, fisheries and animal husbandry like,-

  • Cultivation and processing of aromatic and medicinal plants
  • Cultivation and processing of Spices
  • Bee-keeping and honey processing
  • Spawn production and mushroom processing
  • Fish and pork processing
  • Bamboo processing
  • Rubber and tea plantation

The State Govt. has embarked on an ambitious journey of taking up lemongrass, citronella and stevia plantation & processing on a large scale. A centre for Fragrance & Flavour Development Centre, Kannouj is also coming up in Manipur very shortly. There is also tremendous potential for floriculture and area specific horticulture in Manipur.  Kachai Lemon from Ukhrul District has recently got Geographical Identification (GI) and now its export potential has increased manifolds. Pineapple, oranges, passion fruit, lemon of Manipur has distinct varieties to offer to the world. In order to tap these potentials, the State Govt. proposes to set up Common Facility Centres (CFCs) in each of the nine districts of the State. The M/o MSME has approved all the nine Diagnostic Study Reports (DSRs). Subsequently, DPRs have been prepared and these will be submitted to the Ministry after obtaining necessary vetting from the MSME-DI.

4.0       Common Facility Centre

  1. Senapati- Floriculture, Dry Flowers, Cut Flowers, Aromatic & Medicinal Plants, etc)
  2. Chandel - Bamboo Processing (Bamboo shoot manufacturing and other bamboo based handicraft items)
  3. Churachandpur- Spices processing (ginger, turmeric, etc)
  4. Tamenglong- Fruit (orange) and Tea Processing
  5. Ukhrul - Food processing (lemon, orange, passion fruit, spices, chilli, etc)
  6. Imphal East- Pineapple Processing
  7. Imphal West- Plastic Processing
  8. Bishnupur- Fish and Bamboo Shoot Processing
  9. Thoubal- Kauna Processing


Trade-cum-Permanent Exhibition Centre at Lamboikhongnangkhong: Construction of Trade-cum- Permanent Exhibition Centre, Lamboikhongnang-khong  is  being completed with the funding from Ministry of Commerce under the ASIDE scheme. The total project cost is Rs. 1664.00 lakh for the 1st Phase as detailed under:

            Share from DOC, GOI :  1498.00 Lakh

            State share                  :    166.00 Lakh

            Total project cost      :  1664.00 Lakh

            Multi storied Shopping Complex at Moreh: Construction of Multi Storied Shopping Complex at Moreh having 82 stalls to facilitate marketing of various products through Myanmar has been completed at a cost of Rs. 2171.00 lakh with the funding from Ministry of Commerce under the ASIDE scheme.

Details are given below:

            Central share              : 1954.62 Lakh

            State share                  :   217.18 Lakh

            Total project cost      : 2171.80 Lakh


Major new initiatives for the development of Food Processing Industries in the State

                Food Processing Industry is one of the most important Industries, being based on locally available raw materials such as Cereal & Grains, Fruits & Vegetables, Spices, Meat & Poultry Meat, Milk, Fish and other minor Forest Produce. It occupies largest employment generation with minimum investment. Under the initiative of Govt. of India, the present Govt. has taken up major initiatives for the followings:-  

1.1       Framing of Manipur Food Industries Policy-2017:

In order to develop Food Processing Industries in the State for employment generation and doubling Farmers’ income, value addition and commercialization of Agro-Horti produce, to create facilities to enable small and marginal entrepreneurs to set up Food Processing Units and make competitive with other major food producers/manufacturers, a separate Food Processing Policy namely, Manipur Food Industries Policy-2017 has been framed incorporating various infrastructures, incentives, etc.

1.2       Implementation of the New Central Sector Scheme-SAMPADA (Scheme for Agro Marine Processing and Development of Agro-Processing Clusters) in the State:

SAMPADA is a comprehensive package of the Govt. of India which will result in creation of modern infrastructure with efficient supply chain management from farm gate to retail outlet. It will not only provide a big boost to the growth of Food Processing Sector in the Country but also help in providing better prices to farmers and is a big step towards doubling farmers’ income, creating huge employment generation opportunities especially in the rural areas, reducing wastage agricultural produced, increasing the processing level and enhancing export of the processed food.

The following Schemes will be implemented under SAMPADA:-

1.      Mega Food Parks (Ongoing)

2.      Integrated Cold Chain and Value Addition Infrastructures(Ongoing)

3.      Creation/Expansion of Food Processing & Preservation Capacities (New)

4.      Infrastructure for Agro- Processing Clusters (New)

5.      Creation of Backward & Forward Linkages (New)

6.      Food Safety & Quality Assurance Infrastructure (Ongoing)

7.      Human resources and Institutions (Ongoing)

1.3VISION-2032 (Food Processing Industries):

 Towards achieving sustainable growth & development in Food Processing Industries Sector, a Vision Document-2032 has been prepared projecting step by step growth , strategies and action plan incorporating financial involvement and employment generation as under:-

1.      Action Plan-- 3 years (2017 to 2019-20)

2.      Action Plan—7 years (2017- 18 to 2023 -24)

3.    Action Plan—15 years (2017-18 to 2032)


Achievement of Geology & Mining Divn. during March–June,2017 as under:-



Annual Target

2017-18 F.S.

Achievement during

April-June, 2017.


Geological Mapping in the scale

Of 1:12500

18.65 Sq. Km.

16 Sq. Km.


Geological Mapping in the scale

Of 1:5000


3.3 Sq. Km.


Detailed Mapping in the scale of

1: 2000

1.96 Sq. Km.

.45 Sq. Km.



Deep Pitting

716.88 cu. m

10.7 cu. M



600 m.

Yet to be started.



156  samples

55 samples

Further, an Inferred Mineral Resources of Lumpy Chromite  of 1,37,758 matric tonnes have been estimated and an area of about 60,810 Sq. m being probable copper bearing  location had been delineated.