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Published on Sun, 21 Jan, 2018 Both

Imphal, JANUARY 21, 2022 (DIPR): Just as Saksham 2018 one-month Campaign kicked off at Imphal by Hon’ble Governor Dr.Najma A Heptulla on the 16th of this month under the aegis of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Cycle Day was held today at PCTC, Khoyathong, Imphal in the same manner the event is celebrated at different cities across the country.

The event was organised with the main focus to conserve petroleum products, save fuel and its sustainable use in future.

A joint initiative of the Public Sector Oil and Gas Companies of the State with the Petroleum Conservation Research Association(PCRA), a cycle rally was flagged today as part of the Cycle Day by  CAF,PD & Revenue Minister, Shri Karam Shyam .

Speaking at the occasion, the Minister said that the underlying idea behind organising the Cycle Day is to spread awareness amongst the masses about the benefits of cycling and the urgent need to conserve oil and other petroleum products and make them last longer as they they are exhaustible natural resources.

He strongly supported Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s appeal to the citizens of India to ride cycle at least once a week to fulfil the set objective of Saksham 2018 . “Cyclotron was recently launched at Manipur on the 26th November, 2017 under the same initiative”, he said.

“During our college days, we used to ride even 13 kms by cycle irrespective of variations in the economic status of our families, whether rich or poor. Nowadays, the youths who are commuting by car even without having their own resources or income and financially dependent on their parents should feel ashamed off”, he retorted.

“It is indeed humiliating to hear some educated circle of Manipur interpreting my cycle ride to office once a week in a negative sense for gaining popularity apart from  causing traffic jam and other illogical reasons. I want to clarify that I am supporting PM Modi’s vision for a pollution-free environment and better economy & health that Cycling will bring”, he rubbished false comments.

Focusing on the role of the youths towards building a better society and bringing the expected changes, he said that cycling is a win-win situation that will promote economy apart from a cleaner environment & better health. He drew the attention of the youths to not give in to drug habits as Manipur shares international trade borders with other countries.

Minister Karam Shyam also handed over a cash prize of Rs. 6000 to Paracyclist Rakesh from Assam for his remarkable courage and noble endeavour of riding cycle from Bangkok to Imphal despite his right legs being amputated due to an accident. He started his venture on the 24th December of last year with the theme “Save Rhinos”.

The Green Revolution Cyclist team, Manipur saw him off to Sekmai after giving him a warm welcome yesterday.

The Minister along with the Green Revolution Cyclist team and other concerned personnels participated in the cycle rally from PCTC, Khoyathong to CRPF 69 Main Gate, Mantripukhri via Khongnang Ani Karak and back to the starting point.

During the event, Sanrakshan Kshamta Mahotsav pledge was administered along with a signature wall campaign by the dignitaries and the cyclists. (DIPR)