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Manipur Observes 226th Birth Anniversary of Maharaja Narasingh

Published on Mon, 07 May, 2018 Both

Imphal, May 6, 2022 (DIPR): 226th Birth Anniversary of Maharaja Narasingh was today observed at the birthplace of the departed Maharaja at Sagolband Mabudhou Mantri Leikai in Imphal. Deputy Chief Minister Shri Yumnam Joykumar Singh led the people to pay floral tribute to the portrait of the departed Maharaja. Jalakeli was also sung in honour of the late Maharaja in the observation. The observation was organised by Maharaja Narasingh Memorial Committee, Imphal in association with Shri Shri Gopinath Temple Board, Purana Rajbari, Imphal.

Speaking at the function, Deputy Chief Minister said, Maharaja Narasingh was one of the most distinguish leaders in the history of Manipur. He said, Maharaja, not only tried to reconcile the people dispersed due to Seven Years Devastation (Chahi Taret Khuntakpa), but also tried to bring unity by bridging the gap between hill and valley at that time. Shri Joykumar Singh further said that there had been a lot of differences among the Princess and it was the main reason to face external aggression at that time. Recalling that Seven Years Devastation was the darkest days in the history of Manipur, Deputy Chief Minister said Maharaja Narasingh took significant roles in wiping out Awa from the soil of Manipur. During the tenure of Maharaja Narasingh (1844-1850), lot of changes were seen. Maharaja worked for the welfare of people by maintaining unity in diversity. It is believed that Mera Hou Chongba was first initiated by the Maharaja during his tenure to bring unity among people in hill and valley.

Urging people to look into the history for not only to glorify it, Deputy Chief Minister said, we should also look into the administration, philosophy, culture and tradition of that time. We should learn the ideals of peaceful co-existence among different communities at that time which is much more relevant in these days.

Shri Joykumar Singh also distributed Maharaja Narasingh Birth Anniversary Celebration Awards to distinguished personalities in various fields including culture, sports and public service.

 Sahitya Academy Awardee and President of maharaja Narasingh Memorial Committe Shri E. Sonamani Singh said lot of research has to be done to know the life and work of the late Maharaja. His ideals have to be imbibed and propagated so that younger generations can understand the late Maharaja and also unity in diversity can be maintained in the state.  (DIPR)